How to get promoted?

Let’s jump right in: I have a three-step model.

1. Do your best to delivery that is expected from you. 

2. After you are done with step 1, figure out how to exceed the expectation.

3. Spend 1% of your time to gain new skill that is needed for your next role.

Let me explain: 

Step 1: Deliver on expectations: This is the foundation of any reliable and productive individual. Meeting expectations consistently builds trust, credibility, and a strong work ethic. It ensures you fulfill your current responsibilities effectively. Talk to your manager and have a very clear understanding what is expected from your role and you.

Step 2: Exceed expectations: It may lead to recognition, increased opportunities, and personal satisfaction. If unsure, a good start is to try to speed up your delivery. Improve your skills, let’s say you are very good at preparing presentation slides. For 30 mins of talk, you require 1 hour to create an impactful deck. How can you reduce this time to 55 min, 50 min, 45 mins?

Step 3: Invest in future skills: By anticipating future needs and proactively acquiring relevant skills. Let’s say you want to be a Team Lead: find out what skills are needed to be a Team Lead?