But I am a manager now

Interviewer: Why do you want to work as a Manager?
Me: Well, I’m really good at apologizing for things that aren’t my fault at all.

It is just a joke or, In a broader sense, this willingness to apologize and take accountability can be reflective of a deeper philosophical principle: the interconnectedness of all actions and events. It acknowledges that in any system, individual actions and outcomes are rarely isolated. Instead, they are part of a larger web of interdependent relationships. By stepping up and addressing issues, even those not caused by oneself, a manager embodies the philosophical ideal of collective responsibility and the recognition of our shared human experience.

This ‘Web of interdependent’ relationships or in many times ‘House of cards’ start falling because we keep blaming the person who are apologizing but the ones who are directly responsible for creating the series of apologies.

This is to all the managers who feel helpless (sometimes), don’t give up. Remember, even in the Bhagavad Gita, humility and leadership are often discussed in the context of qualities that define a wise and virtuous person.

Mom: Don’t Lie
Me: But I am a manager now