Competent at streamlining complex processes into easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow functions. In large projects, you need a crazy one to keep everyone sane-that’s me! #consultant-in-China

I have certificates from IIM-A and Harvard in leadership.

20+ years of industry experience in development, academia, and computer network security.

In 2006, I began working abroad as a trainer for NIIT China. I was first recognized for my independence and effectiveness in tackling challenging situations (Bagged Innovation award for creating solutions). I finally rose through the ranks to become the Head of Education Delivery, which gave me the opportunity to manage a large team with a variety of expertise. There were Chinese and Indian members of my team. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to share my experiences with an ever-growing audience throughout the years.

Ritesh Gaur

I have visited numerous cities, towns, colleges, and cooperatives since 2006. I took advantage of every chance I had to collaborate with folks from all over the world in addition to the locals.

I shared what I have learned from my teachers, mentors, friends, colleagues and more importantly, as an Indian to find the solutions- to make it happen. Our day-to-day “Jugaad-Mindset”, comes in handy to find innovative workarounds.

I joined Fugumobile as a Director of Projects. This role demands hands-on experience on large projects: IT and/or business solutions. As a certified ‘Professional Scrum Master’ and ‘Lean Six Sigma’ allowed me to make better decisions and create impactful solutions. These solutions are used in Mainland China, Greater China, and many other countries. My work involves managing operations, leadership, and staging vision for the organization in this evolving and challenging market. 

I am passionate about working with startups and helping them to grow. I believe in “Do more with less!”

Proven record in managing large teams and complex projects, reputation of simplifying multifarious issues and make things happen at operational level. 

A lifetime student, has a couple of online certificates on Product Mgmt., Agile/Scrum (PSMTM), Lean Six Sigma, Project and leadership under my belt.

Holds an MBA, Master’s in IT and a bachelor’s in computer application from India. 

Key Competencies: 

  • Agile: Scrum, Kanban, Atlassian JIRA; JIRA Agile; Confluence, Redmine, etc. 
  • Programming: A certified Java Programmer (SCJP). 
  • Research: Published papers on ANN (AI), NLP(AI), and e-learnings