Diverse Creations Hub

Some of the things I did and still doing, are short-listed here alphabetically:

  1. Cheat Sheet: Hands-on Leadership concepts into accessible guide, sharing knowledge and expertise. Perfect for new managers. Get it for free on Apple Books. Available on 51 countries. Published on Nov., 2021.
  2. Cooking (Indian, Chinese, more): The kitchen is my canvas; experimenting with diverse cuisines is a delightful way to unwind and express creativity. Follow me on Instagram. But nothing beats Desi bread omelette with gram chai and simple Daal roti. And Samosa, and, Jalabee, Dosa, Idili, and … you got the point. :D).
  3. Code: My relationship with code and beer is complex. Somehow it works. I don’t call myself a Programmer, but I often code. So let’s put this way, instead of calling my ex after few beers, I write, and sometimes it’s a code: that runs with few warnings. Check out here, hardly updated. It is one of the reasons my team get comfort while explaining the details, it is also pisses them off. Depending on the case, we are talking about.
  4. Doodling: On and off I doodle. Checkout
  5. Mixology: Mastering the art of crafting cocktails, bringing people together over shared moments. This is personal, so we better be friends. 😛
  6. Photography: Beyond a hobby, it’s a form of self-expression, allowing me to see the world through a unique lens. Give up many times and resume. Start here: Ritesh Gaur Photography
  7. Photo Book: A visual journey capturing moments of WuKang Lu. Reflecting my perspectives. Get it for free on Apple Books. Available on 51 countries. Published on Feb., 2021
  8. Speaker: Taking the stage to share perspectives and insights at events, contributing to meaningful conversations. Some old links are no longer working, these are the ones works fine.
  9. Study Paper: A paper on Artificial Intelligence. ANNs vs BNNs. It was a long time ago.
  10. Travel: Exploring diverse cultures and landscapes, recognizing travel as a continuous source of inspiration and growth. So far I have been to Korea (Jeju Island only), Thailand (Krabi and Phi Phi island), Russia (Moscow), Philippines (Manila), so many places in China, and I am born and bought up in India. In China, I have lived/travels to many places. From Small towns to metropolitans.
    1. Shanghai: Currently living.
    2. Beijing.
    3. Nanjing.
    4. Wuxi.
    5. Changzhou.
    6. Suzhou.
    7. Qingdao.
    8. Ningbo.
    9. Taizhou.
    10. Chongqing.
    11. Xuzhou.
    12. Changshu.
    13. Ningxia.
    14. Guizhou.
    15. Huangshan.
    16. Yichang.
    17. Tai’an: Mout Tai.
    18. Qufu, Confucius Hometown, Shandong province
    19. and many more..
  11. Vlogs: Sharing experiences and insights through dynamic video content, fostering a more personal connection with my audience. Here is my YouTube.
  12. White Paper: My final project in my Master’s degree. I made a conversational chat program using C. Yes, C it took me almost a year to deliver. A lot of breaks in between, a lot of scraping the code and start with begging. There was no Internet access and there are no source code version management. Old days of dry runs. I am old ;D)
  13. Writing: Whether through articles, blogs, or creative pieces, expressing thoughts and experiences through the written word. I write on paper, iPad, and sometimes I post it here or more frequently on LinkedIn. There are plans for future for consistently posts.

Each achievement reflects not just personal success, but a commitment to continuous improvement and embracing every opportunity for growth and exploration.

That’s a lot about me. Here is more…