Food Photo Gram

I love cooking and have been cooking since I was a child. There are many stories, but my cooking skills evolved when my little sister announced, “I want to eat something delicious – something different”. It means different from what we usually have at home. Keep in mind, this was way before Zomato, Uber Eats, or any other platform that helps you find and order food to your doorstep. So, back in those days, you would have to get up, brainstorm, and cook. We had many successful attempts and a few failures, but we always enjoyed the process.


I decided to create an Instagram channel when I was in Russia because that’s what I was doing most of the time.

I think I was quite successful in the beginning, especially when I returned to India. I would often struggle with insomnia and prepare my sister’s breakfast early in the morning.

I was thinking to publish a book (e-book) once I will be done with 10 perfect recipes. I went over 10 but never published. There was a PDF floating among a few people to get the feedback, but nothing was actually “done” about it.